Insightful Data Clustering & Visualization

Turn large, unstructured data into semantic clusters for rapid AI application enhancement and outlier detection


How it works


Uncover user interaction patterns with speed and precision

Our Clustering leverages advanced algorithms that excel at rapidly transforming your unstructured data into semantically similar clusters. Each cluster is automatically assigned a clear, meaningful name, intuitively indicating significant user patterns. This enables you to effortlessly focus on critical clusters such as fraud, customer cancellations, or staff dissatisfaction, gaining insights for swift improvement rather than spending hours or days crunching data. 

Advanced clustering
noise cluster

Easily cut through the ‘noise’​

Our Clustering functionality effectively differentiates noise from semantically meaningful clusters, grouping all unrelated data inputs into a designated ‘noise’ cluster. Quickly dive into the noise cluster to identify outliers and anomalies, improving the performance of your AI application. 


Visualize relationships between clusters

Experience our interactive clustering map that displays all clusters in a single view, intuitively showing the interactions between them. Easily click through the clusters to explore in-depth insights, with metrics that reveal inter-cluster similarities and inner-cluster quality, offering a comprehensive overview of your datasets in a contextually rich manner.

Clustering visual

Know your spend and LLM performance by cluster

Gain a clear view of your clusters along with useful metrics such for each cluster as total spend, number of prompts,  number of tokens, number of reused responses from caching, and quality scores of LLM models. These insights enable you to swiftly assess costs and LLM performance by cluster, enhancing your AI application for optimal results. 


Discover hidden insights from your data with our advanced Clustering